COVID-19 Protocols

Summary of COVID protocols 

This has been a very fluid file

The following is a summary of what we are aware of right now

1. Proof of Vaccination is required for Parents / Spectators 18+ 
In compliance with Provincial and City of Toronto regulations proof of full vaccination will have to be provided to enter the arena. 

The Ford Performance Centre will be completing these checks for anyone entering their facility.  

We are still determining the details for other city run arenas that we use for some practices. 

Anyone seeking accommodation would need to contact the Ford Performance Centre for our activities there and the City of Toronto for other arenas (Longbranch, Central)

2. Proof of Vaccination required for Players 12 + as of Nov 1st 2021

Our programming (and insurance) is governed by the GTHL, OHF and Hockey Canada.  

The GTHL policy effective November 1st is that all players 12+ must have proof of full vaccination (including the 14 day period after the 2nd vaccination) 

You can find more information about the GTHL policy for players here and on page 13 of the return to play document

The GTHL web page for requesting accommodations is located here.

3. Ongoing Symptom Screening
All parents, spectators and players (of all ages) will have to complete a screening questionaiire the day of all programming (practices or games) – even if fully vaccinated.

We will be putting an app in place that will allow you to complete this ahead of coming to the rink. 

If anyone has symptoms that are outlined in the app, you must stay away from the arena and programming and follow guidance from Toronto Public Health. If an immediate member of your family tests positive for COVID we would request that you have your player tested.

4. Please come dressed to play (Goalies Excepted)

Due to number limitations for change rooms we are only going to make change rooms available for goalies for the time being. If the change room capacity limit increases to allow us to use the rooms for a full team we will review this.

We recommend coming fully dressed (with walking skate-guards on) but we do have areas marked on our traffic flow diagram to put skates on / take skates off inside the arena.

5. Masks

Facemasks (covering mouth and nose) must be work inside the building and rinks at all times. The only exception is for players and coaches who are on the ice – in which case masks should be removed when helmets are put only a few minutes before entering the ice.

How we will deal with a positive COVID case with a player, volunteer or on ice official

If we are advised of a player, team volunteer or on-ice official testing positive, According to guidance from Toronto Public Health we will inform the families of all team members and opposing team members (or practice group members) who may have been participating in programming at the same time.

No information will be shared about who tested positive.

The guidance received by Toronto Public Health is that beyond notifying families, and having families monitor for possible symptoms there is no need for any impact in programming.

Please see this page for specific information from Toronto Public Health regarding what to do if you are in close contact with a positive case.

We will update this information if we learn of different procedures from TPH or if there were to be more than one case on a team or practice cohort.