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Parents information regarding Respect In Sport

The Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF) and the Greater Toronto Hockey League (GTHL), have mandated the requirement that at least one parent of each player must complete and obtain a parental “Respect In Sport Certification”.

This program is a one- time requirement and you will not have to recertify each year. If you have this certification already you do need to recertify, but you must update your Respect In Sport account to add your Faustina player to your profile.

The on-line course takes less than an hour to complete and costs $12 + tax and is paid directly to the Respect In Sport Group Inc., who is the Hockey Canada approved vendor for the program.

In opening your account with Respect In Sport please be careful to identify your player(s) with the exact same name you have used in the past for on-line or in person registrations with Faustina. If unsure you can check with the registrar to confirm the name used in the Hockey Canada system. Our club/league is listed as HL- Faustina Sports Club. This will ensure that your certification will link properly to your players profile in the HC/ Faustina data base and can be confirmed by the league registrar.

You can register your player on-line or in person before completing the course, but please be aware that each Faustina player must have a parent who has completed the course in order to play. 

Note – Although the program only needs to be taken once, if you are registering a new to hockey player who has not been associated with your Respect In Sport profile, you will need to attach the new registrants to your certificate.

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