Respect & Inclusion

At Faustina, we begin each season with a team discussion around respect, acceptance, and inclusion.

These meetings are hosted by volunteers and are tailored for each age group. Parents are invited into the change-rooms for these chats.  Some of this messaging is required by our governing organizations around gender, although we have expanded the scope here at Faustina.

The following outlines the core content themes of these early season chats 

A core principle of Faustina Hockey is RESPECT and INCLUSION of all individuals on and off the ice. We are all unique individuals, but we are all part of the same team. All players on a team wear the same Faustina logo and this is a “safe place” where everyone is 100% welcomed into our program. 

Being a part of a team at Faustina is a privilege. Being accepted by your teammates and coaches regardless of your race, religion, sex, gender, or even level of hockey development is a right

Everyone (player, coach, volunteer and parent) has a right to be respected, treated equally, free form Discrimination and Harassment regardless of race, religion, sex, gender, and level of hockey development.

If you or anyone you know is not being treated with respect and inclusion here at Faustina, or if personal accommodations need to be made, please notify your coach or email us at [email protected]

As a group we are all responsible to make sure everyone is comfortable, feels welcome and feels a part of the team. 

We are here to play hockey, make new friends, and have fun!! 

The most recent policies for each governing organization can be found at the links below. Each organization has a specific policy to address Harassment, Abuse, and Bullying.

Greater Toronto Hockey League (GTHL) Policies

Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF) Policies

Hockey Canada Respect In Sport

In addition to our respect and inclusion talks with players and parents, our coaches also complete the mandatory “Respect in sport course for activity leaders” and “Gender Identity Training” as well as completing Police vulnerable sector background checks.